Firstly congratulations on your pregnancy, such an exciting time. Your baby is only a newborn for such a short time and you want always remember those tiny little fingers and toes and every soft wrinkly detail that fades away ever so quickly.


When to book

As I only book a few newborn sessions a week it is best to book during your pregnancy to ensure my availability. I will make a tentative booking around your due date and will finalise your date/time when your baby arrives. Newborn sessions are best done when your baby is between 5-10 days old for several reasons, they are still quite sleepy and squishy to get into those gorgeous poses and it's usually before they break out with newborn milk pimples. I will do newborns up to 4-6 weeks old but cannot guarantee that they will sleep during the session at that age but I will do my best. Babies under 4 days old are usually still unsettled whilst the mums milk comes in.

Following the birth of your baby I ask that you contact me as soon as practicable to let me know and we can finalise your newborn session booking.


What to expect at your newborn session

Newborn sessions with me are relaxed and casual. My studio is warm and provides the perfect environment for baby to relax and sleep and your job is to sit back and watch and admire your new baby. Newborn sessions can't be rushed, they usually run from 2.5-3.5 hours and I am very much baby led so there is plenty of time for feeding, changing, settling or whatever bub needs.

I usually ask that bubs be fed either immediately before or when you get to the studio. A nice full tummy helps promote a deep sleep. Please don't stress over whether your baby will be perfect as most have a period of unsettledness, wee, poop and vomit at some point. It's all factored in to the session and I have plenty of changes.

The studio will be quite warm for your newborns comfort so you will want to wear something light on the day and men and children don't usually last a long time in there. You may want to consider making arrangements just in case. The session will also be quite long as I don't like to rush newborns and baby will feed more frequently and if your baby takes a dummy please bring it along with you. Also let me know if your baby has been circumcised or has had any complications that may require alternate posing. If you wish your baby to be photographed in something special or have any specific requests on poses let me know prior to your session so I can get props organised. I welcome your input on what you like for your newborn photos as I want you to love your photographs as much as I do.

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you.